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Learning to Listen

I am learning to listen…

To the woman whose husband walked out on her, leaving her to support their kids on her own.

To the pastor who’s been trying to lead her congregation well during Covid.

To the minister who was repeatedly pulled over for “driving while black” in his own neighborhood.

To the silent screams of the unborn babies who are violently robbed of life.

To the frightened woman who thought abortion was her only option.

To the friend who is exhausted by injustice.

To the grandma who’s afraid her grandson will go to prison.

To the young woman who’s been trafficked.

To the man who daily, diligently battles his addiction demons.

I am learning to listen…

To the God who beckons me closer.

To the son who whispers, “I love you” as he falls asleep.

To the daughter whose impromptu singing pours sunshine into my soul.

To the husband whose belly laughs ignite giggles from our children.

One of the things I’ve learned over the years is that listening is one of the ways we “wash one another’s feet” in our conversations.  I invite you during this next month to invite someone to coffee and listen.  Listen to their story.  Listen to their hurts.  Listen to their joys.  Honor them by giving them your time….and your ear.  Let’s build the table of brotherhood again.  Let’s see what God will do when we choose to listen.  

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