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A New Generation Arising

Photo Credit: Helena Lopes

God is raising up a generation.

Whose gaze is fixed on Him.

Whose hearts are not enamored by the lesser gods of fame and greed.

Whose hands are clean and whose feet ascend His glorious hill.

It’s a forerunner generation, whose collective voice roars like that of the prophet John, “Prepare the way of the Lord!”

Zeal for God’s house consumes them.

They burn with passion to answer the groaning of a disillusioned and decaying creation.

Unabashed and unashamed preachers of the gospel.

They are





Fasting is their lifestyle and justice is their love language.

They also love to feast and celebrate, for the table is central to their call.

The world has seen pockets of these over the centuries, but they are about to see a generation arise like none other.

They are warriors who forsake the traditional weapons of cold steel and loaded barrels to carry a simple wash basin and towel.

But don’t underestimate their authority, for the word of God pours from their lips, sharpened like a double-edged sword, but precise like a surgeon’s blade, overflowing with love, grace, humility, and utter boldness.

They do not fear death, for they know Who awaits them through the veil.

They are those who will lay down their lives for their brother, sister, mother, father….and they see everyone through that lens of love.

Demons tremble and the religious will accuse and scream.

In our movement, we call them holy activists.

God calls them Son.



Please hear me: they ARE arising. From every tribe, tongue, and nation. All ages.

Grafted into the Vine.

One New Humanity.

Becoming ONE like the Father is one with the Son.

His Bride.

Hastening His return.

No longer the substance of daydreams or myth.

They are arising. I have seen some.

Through His blood and by His Spirit,

I am one.

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