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Dancing with Charlotte

Today I had the opportunity to preach at our home church, the one where I serve as the worship director. This was my first Sunday morning message there and I was feeling a bit nervous when I arrived at the church this morning. You think I wouldn't since I speak and/or lead worship in front of people often. But for whatever reason, today felt different and I found myself wrestling with my nerves. In fact, when I first walked into my office this morning, my heart sounded like a bass drum, pounding away in my chest.  

Worship began and it was yummy and marked with joy. I felt the Holy Spirit moving. Suddenly, my little 5 year old friend Charlotte ran up to me and began dancing with all her might. She was hopping and clapping and boogying right there in front of me. I was delighted and tried to match her with my own swaying, arm-pumping, waist - shimmying, and clapping. It was such as a sweet, spontaneous moment. Truly, a kiss from heaven and exactly what I needed - a reminder that God is dancing with me, whether I'm shopping at Meijer or getting ready to preach.  I must have danced away my nerves with Charlotte and Jesus, because I felt good after that.

I'm not sure where you find yourself today, but I have good news for you: God is present and He's dancing with you. Right now. He is dancing with you. May our eyes be opened to His goodness. May our hearts feel calmed by His peace. May our feet be moved by His dance.  

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